Happy Birthday to me… Holy Crap! I’m now 30!?


I don’t really know how to process that thought/fact and I’m not sure why it (or what about it that) bothers me so much. I don’t really feel any older so I guess it’s just that I’m aging and inching towards the end that is the hardest thing to wrap my mind around.


Enough of that stuff… So I’m now 30 and life is pretty darn good.


I am blessed with an awesome wife and son who I adore and help to make life fun. I have a caring, supportive family I know that I can turn to for whatever. I have some great friends. I am part of a great church filled with good fun loving folks. I am also blessed to be in a thriving business I enjoy along with two great friends who help make the monotony of work tolerable.


Life IS good! So I guess I am achieving (or working towards) all that I have set out to do and can’t ask for much more.


Ok here’s a little more I can ask for… I love this little man, he makes me smile!


Click here to see the video if the above is blank.

If the video skips on your computer, click the HD icon near the top right of the player to watch the standard version.


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4 Responses to 30!

  1. Mama Linda says:

    Happy Birthday Angelo! If life is this good at 30…just imagine how much better it can and will get. As for the funniest kid EVER…he has me in tears EVERY TIME! The video is GREAT!.

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  2. Happy Birthday! And the whole ring-spinning thing IS pretty hilarious. You should take that gig on the road :)

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  3. Donovan says:

    Happy Birthday you funny man! I don’t think it is the plastic rings, he is laughing at you doing the same thing over and over. That kid has got you trained to be his dancing monkey. Probably tells his baby friends, “My dad will do the same thing over and over as long as I bust a gut while he is doing it. How can I use this power to get me a car when I am 16?”

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  4. nathan118 says:

    Yay for 30…and heck, a house is pretty darned good present!

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