The Monsters Routine

Hi, it’s been a while, deal with it. :) Life has been busy (which has been great in many ways!) and now I’m on break for a weekish so I plan on catching up with editing photos and video and updating the non-facebookers with our life’s events.


Dominic is in Love (OBSESSED) with Monsters, INC. Here are a few clips of what he does each and every day (sometimes multiple times a day). I love the movie and I know it’s my fault for exposing it to him. It really is cute to see him dance, laugh at scenes, focus intensely on a scene, or tell us about something going on in the movie (in his own brand of authentic frontier gibberish).


Click here to see the video if the above is blank.

If the video skips on your computer, click the HD icon near the top right of the player to watch the standard version.


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2 Responses to The Monsters Routine

  1. nathan118 says:

    I want to build our blu-ray pixar collection at some point, but we’re too into elmo over here. All he needs is a couple sesame streets on the dvr and he’s good.

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  2. Angelo says:

    So far 6 of the 10 feature films out on BluRay, leaving Toy Story 1 &2, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles left to be released.

    I believe Toy Story 1 & 2 will be out in late March (since 3 is being released this summer). I wish they’d hurry up on Nemo and The Incredibles though I have HD copies of them all but they are from TV sources so the sound / video aren’t BluRay perfect.

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