Pumpkin Patch 2010

It’s that time a year and again we returned to Pa’s Pumpkin Patch.

This time however we had TWO kids to wrangle (well Vincent’s not mobile yet) and with Dominic being 2+ now, he’s VERY interested in the rides and not so much the photos.

Unlike the previous two years (photos: 2009 and 2008) we made the trip on a Saturday and quickly found out they are BUSY!  So next year we’ll return back to the empty patch that weekdays bring.

We met up with David, Gina and Emma so we had some fun shots of the kids.

It’s fun having this annual tradition and it gives quite a perspective on just how much Dominic has grown up when I look at the old photos.

Check out the full set on our Flickr.  However, I must warn you (and I know I’m biased) there are some images here that may just completely melt your heart!


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  1. nathan118 says:

    Fun place. Cheap too….can drop a couple bucks for a ride and petting zoo, and the kids are good. Then can buy a cheap pumpkin at the market, haha.

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