2010 Reflections

Despite all the political nonsense from the past year, I think 2010 was a great way to start the decade!

This year brought us a 2 year old who is blossoming into such smart, funny and compassionate little man.  I truly enjoy watching Dominic grow and he inspires me to be the best I can be for him.

This year we were given a second wonderful gift, Vincent.  Despite the initial 3+ months of hardships with his reflux and GI discomfort, he is growing into such a happy little guy who can easily fill your heart with tremendous joy just by looking at you with his BIG Beautiful Blue Eyes and Smile.

This year showed me what a strong, confident wife and mother Lori really is.  My wife is truly amazing and I have witnessed just how powerful her love and spirit truly is.  I am blessed beyond words to have such a wonderful love and partner to go through life with and our sons have a great role model of what a women should be.

This year showed me even more of how great a source of love and support our families are to us, we are blessed.

This year brought a tremendous amount of work and an even greater appreciation of how blessed I am to be doing what I do and with whom I work with.  Thanks guys!

This year I witnessed more friends helping each other out and this left me with a greater appreciation of friendships.

Looking back, this really was a great way to begin the next decade.  I hope the coming years are as good if not better!

Life is really starting to accelerate and I just have to remember to make more moments to slow down and allow myself to enjoy and appreciate it better.

Happy New Years to all my family and friends, may 2011 be kind to you all!

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  1. I can’t stop thinking about his gorgeous dimples!!! What a beautiful family.

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    Angelo Reply:


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